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If you want to tell your favorite store to stock our products you can send them this letter. Just Copy and Paste the content of this letter into your desired messaging app. You can enter your name or any other name at the appropriate places and hit send.

Dear Manager.


We are grateful for the service that you and your team supply our community. We shop at your store often and love the quality of food you provide. We want to let you know of a discovery we found.

Triple Island Farms from the little village of Cherryville is making good cheese in a big way. They are producing cheese the way they used to do in Europe. Un-pasteurized, Grass-fed from a local dairy. They age it on wooden shelves and wax it with the traditional wax coating that is so popular with cheeses from Europe. They make many different varieties like Gouda, Edam, and Maasdammer. They also make many flavors of Gouda, like, Mild, Medium, Aged, Chili/Jalapeno, Tomato & Garlic, Cumin, Maasdammer, Nettle, Chives, Black Peppercorn, and Caraway. They have a growing list of retailers that are selling their products already. They already have a distribution plan in place and are ready to send you, their product.

I would highly recommend that you stock their products in your store. If you go to their google profile you will see the many different reviews all being 5-star. We highly recommend them in your store. Please do not hesitate to call them.


Name: Rodger Wohlgemuth

Phone: (250)-307-9373


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