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Cheese that is alive

Here at Triple Island Farms we use a few different methods in the production processes of our cheese that were discovered back in the old country. These processes became tried and true and contributed to the fame that Gouda cheese enjoys. These methods include the use of grass-fed milk, un-pasteurized milk, traditional cheese making methods and recipes, Kosher rennet, traditional aging methods and more. Following are more details on some of these processes.

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Feeding Cows, Grass fed dairy

Grass-Fed Cow's Milk

The diet of the cows plays a crucial role in the health benefits as well as in the flavor profile of the finished cheese. The effects of the diet that is fed to the cow is first noticed in the milk. It has been proven that grass-fed cows have a far healthier digestive system. When their digestive system is in good health they are able to absorb more nutrients and therefor produce a healthier more nutritious milk. This is the type of milk that we at Triple Island Farms sources. When you purchase our products you can be ensured that the very best milk is being used, and therefor you are consuming the very best cheese. It will be healthy as well as flavorful. Follow this link to learn more about the benefits of Grass-Fed Dairy

cheesemaking-starter-culture, Traditional Cheese

The Cheese Making Process

Our making process has been fine-tuned in the old country to maximize the health and flavor of the cheese. The time and temperature of the making process are key to the finished product. Without the careful watch of the cheese maker the cheese can become off flavored, hard and dry, and may not age well. During the making process the PH levels are watched very closely. The PH levels determine when to move on to the next step. Because the enzymes and cultures of the cheese curds are alive, the timing can be different for each batch. The cheesemaker has to closely watch a variety of metrics as he is creating the cheese. Follow this link to learn more of the value of the tried and true, traditional cheese making processes

Triple Island Farm welcomes you, Welcome

The Family Behind Triple Island Farms

Triple Island Farms is owned by a single family. Rodger & Luetta Wohlgemuth with four children Josiah, Jethro, Allyson and Ian. We work hard every day through laughter and tears to create the ever increasing quality of cheese that you love. As we serve you and run our business we often wonder how we can be a better asset to our community. Our first encounter with you is hopefully with a smile and a good day. Most of the time our smiles come easily but some days, you know, are just some days. Secondly we want to take care of the world that God has created for us to inhabit and live a thankful life ready to serve where we can. Making healthy happy choices that show love to others is our passion.

"The person who loves the people around them will create community wherever they go".  - Dietrich Bonhoeffer - 

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