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It's the traditions that set us apart...
Milk Cow Grazing, Green Pastures
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Triple Island Farms is a Gouda Cheese maker like no other, we have kept to tradition with our recipe and processes. We are not huge on volume (yet) but we are huge on Health, Flavor, and You. When you purchase Triple Island Farms cheese you can know that the world will be a better place.


First of all you will feel good about your purchase as it will sit well in your stomach. We have many customers that profess that our cheese is the only brand they can eat without getting a stomach ache. This is because all our products are Lactose Free. What makes our cheese Lactose Free is that we use unpasteurized milk and we age it for a minimum of 2 months. Regulations are tighter but still possible and we are committed.

Secondly our products are all made with Grass fed milk. This also is a major contributor to health and flavor. With grass fed cows producing our milk we ensure some amazing benefits. The enzyme profile is huge as a grass fed diet in cows has them producing super rich milk. One of these very important properties is CLA, a fatty acid that decreases your risk of cancer. Grass-fed, un-pasteurized milk also is high in Vit-K2, this is an essential vitamin that helps your body use certain other enzymes that are in the milk and has a staggering number of ways it improves your body's functions and conditions. Our cheese is ALIVE and made for your best self.

Triple Island Farms is a local, family run business. We are committed to bringing a healthy dairy product to your table. It is because we are a family and not a corporation that we can maintain this vision. In all our operations we constantly have you, our customers, health in mind.

When you buy our products you can truly sit back and enjoy.


Owner of Triple Island Farms Ltd

OPEN HOURS (winter)

Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 4:00

Sunday: Closed

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