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By far my favorite cheese! I'm lactose intolerant so I try to avoid most dairy, and enzymes don't work for me... but these guys...Wowee! these guys make a cheese that I'll happily eat any time despite knowing I might be uncomfortable the next day. My personal favorite is the Cumin or Caraway Gouda, but I admit I haven't tried everything Triple Island Farms has to offer yet.

-Mike Astral-

We loved this cheese and have been getting it for years.
It’s great that the farm sends the cheese down to the Fraser Valley via mail. Arrives quickly. Never an issue. The Valentine’s specials were wonderful- great way to taste a variety of the cheeses.

-Suzanne Vermeer -

The only complaint I have with the cheeses sold by triple Island farms is when my stock of gouda runs out and I am forced to go to the grocery store for some boring block of cheese, the drop in quality is so vast I usually skip the cheese isle altogether and make do with milk as my sole dairy product until my next order from Triple Island Cheese farms comes in with my favorite gouda cheeses: medium old and smoked. If the luxury of a retailer in Central BC ever becomes a reality I would be delighted to be informed about it!

- Greg Dyck-